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One of 31 Competition cars from 1965 that became Semi-Competition, this model replicates every detail of the original Semi-Competition Cobras. Starting out as full Competition models, but denied F.I.A. approval for the 1965 racing season, the 427 Semi-Competitions were completed as street cars, suitable for road and racing and marketed as the fastest production cars in the world.
The Cobra is a Carroll Shelby classic, described as a “delightfully mad idea made even madder: taking the ferocious 289 Cobra… and upgrading it with a massive 427”

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* Functioning headlights.
* Engine sounds when accelerator pedal is pushed.
* Break lights flash when break pedal is pushed
* Functioning Steering wheel.
* Functioning lockable hood, door and latches.
* Opening fuel cap
* Replica Halibrand wheels and Goodyear tires.

Added Modifications: 
- Carpeted Trunk.
- Power Mod for AC/DC operation. (No need for batteries)

Canvas Car Cover in royal blue with white piping.
- Display Case (extra charge)
 - Dimensions: 20" L x 9" W x 6" H
- Weight: About 12 lbs.