Adobe Village

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This 16- piece set is truly a work of imagination-art. Not only does it depict an typical Arizona Mexican adobe village, it also lights up!
The set includes: 4-individual huts that are shaped uniquely to fit together like a puzzle forming a small village street. The accessories include 7- hand formed and painted figures decorated in historically correct clothing back in the day. A cactus tree growing a bright yellow flower, plus 3 large ceramic pots - each hand pained with an Indian design found on most pottery you would find in museums.
The 4- huts are of a high gloss ceramic, hand painted to resemble hand cut / shaped stone. "Wood" beams protrude from the building to add more detail to its construction. The windows are hand cut from the ceramic to allow light to illuminate when inserting a light bulb from the back. The doors, ladders and other decorations on the building are etched in to give that 3D look.
The 3- large pots that are shown in on the roof tops are made of matt-finished porcelain in a color and decorated common to clay pots used in adobe villages.