Michele works full time as a staff nurse in a 23 bed neonatal intensive care unit. Creative in nature, Michele has tried various medias to express herself and relieve the "burnout" often associated with her "day job" in nursing. In 2003, Michele stumbled upon the art of wire wrapping. Soon others were expressing the same enthusiasm, felt by Michele, over her jewelry creations. The foundations of Michele's skills and techniques in wire wrap were learned through Carole Wilkinson, Connie Fox, Dale Nichols, Preston Reuther, Wil Peterson and the Wire Art Guild of Orange County. Michele completed courses at Santiago Canyon College in her ongoing effort to "network" with other jewelers, learn more about the stones used in her jewelry creations and to eventually become a Certified Gemologist. The varying styles in the jewelry created by Michele is due largely to the influences of these individuals.

Most recently added are Michele's own creations in dichroic glass and the use of Art Clay Silver, a pure metal powder mixed with non-toxic binders and water. It can be rolled, sculpted, stamped, sanded, filed, engraved and drilled. After firing, the result is pure, 99.9% silver. Michele's foundation in the use of Art Clay Silver has been learned through Art Clay Master Instructor, Cindy Pankopf. Designs in Art Clay Silver found here add to the uniqueness of Michele's jewelry creations and come from techniques learned through Candace Steppes, Cindy Pankopf, Gordon Uyehara and Michelle Loon.

Michele is the owner and sole designer of Creative Wire Wear. Due to the nature of wire and the art of wire wrap, much of the jewelry found on this website is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. Hours of time is placed in each design, from choosing the gemstones, dichroic glass or lampwork glass beads, to hand twisting and shaping the wire in each jewelry item. No soldering is used in any of the jewelry creations found here. Sterling silver, argentium sterling silver, 14kt rolled gold or copper wire is used. To learn more about the wire and the proper care of your jewelry item, please click on the "Wires Used" and "Tips on Jewelry Care" links above.

Private and small group classes in the art of wire wrap jewelry are currently offered, by Michele, in the south Orange County area. "Contact Us" to schedule your next class.