1620 - The Story of Thanksgiving

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1620 - The Story of Thanksgiving, is Rick's second in his series of history books about our nation's holidays, and can be found at Barnes & Noble, Amazon & Books A Million. Also available as an e-Reader for the Nook, Kindel, and other electronic formats. 

About the book: We don't know the exact date of the celebration we call the First Thanksgiving, but it was probably in late September or early October, soon after the Pilgrim's crops had been harvested.  The term Thanksgiving, first applied in the nineteenth century, was not used by the Pilgrims. Despite what is widely taught in schools today, the "First Thanksgiving" was not a thanks to the Indians for saving the lives of the Pilgrims; but in fact it was in reverence to the blessings bestowed upon God and His gift of the abundance of their crops. God had blessed them with so much abundance that they shared it with the Indians thus strengthening their relationship with their new neighbors.

This book is their story of how they fled the tyranny and persecution of the Church of England by King James rule over their religious beliefs. Many were being persecuted, imprisoned and in some cases put to death. Men, women and children, who would later be called Pilgrims, prepared themselves for a religious war -  and it was at this time, in 1618, they planed their escape.

1620 - The Story of Thanksgiving, uses William Bradford's diary "Of Plymouth Plantation"as the main source of information, and is one of a few history books that tells the true story of the Pilgrims, their journey on the Mayflower, and how they survived through their first winter leading up to their thanks to God for the bounty for which they were blessed that helped sow the seeds of our nation that would later be called the United Sates of America.