More Folha Adorada Copper

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Mother of pearl is the common name for an iridescent nacre coating, a blend of minerals secreted by the oyster and deposited inside their shell. Mother of pearl and shell from the Pteria Penguin oyster, also called "the penguin wing oyster" or "brownlip shell" have been cut and assembled to create the beads used in this necklace / earring set.

Orange and bright green iridescence can be seen on a golden background in the mother of pearl used here, blending well with the brown shell also used in the creation of these beads.

Earrings measure 2½ inches from top of earwire to bottom of dangle and weigh just 0.25 oz each. Earwire hand formed using argentium wire.

Pendant measures 1¾ inches and weighs 0.2 oz. A sterling silver chain would be an additional purchase.

This set sold for $96.00

Model Katerina Villegas, pop singer / songwriter / Miss Chino, California / Miss Hispanidad International USA / Miss California US International. Model photos by Chuck Salisbury Photography. Special thanks to Lara Feamster with Key Faces Magazine PR & Branding.