Winter Daze Pendant


This natural dendritic opal gemstone, cut into an oval shaped cabochon, measures 40 mm x 18 mm. Reminds me of a snowy mountain slope on an early morning, winter day. Wrapped in argentium wire.

Finished size is 65 mm x 21 mm. Weight 0.5 oz.

Dendritic refers to the arborescent [having the form or characteristics of a tree] crystalline growth within the stone.

Desert Swirl Pendant


This natural botswana agate gemstone, cut into a rectangular shaped cabochon, measures 53 mm x 12  mm. Shades of browns and cream reminds me of a desert landscape. Wrapped in sterling silver wire.

Finished size is 80 mm x 15 mm. Weight 0.5 oz.

Originating in Botswana, Africa, it is the degree of banding and the extra fine patterns that make botswana agate highly unique and desirable. Used traditionally to sustain attentiveness to detail, it is also believed to soothe depression and to help in handling change in a positive way.

Green Envy Pendant


Turquoise, believed to be the most valuable, non-transparent mineral in the jewelry business. Varies in color from sky-blue to blue-green to apple-green. Mostly turquoise is interspersed with brown, dark grey, or black veins of other minerals or the host rock. This turquoise stone has been cut into a rectangular shaped bead and measures 29 mm x 24 mm. Wrapped in argentium wire.

Finished size is 51 mm x 31 mm. Weight 0.6 oz.

Turquoise, called the stone of life and good fortune.

Boxed In Pendant


Jasper is an opaque rock of virtually any color stemming from the mineral content of the original sediments or ash. Healed, fragmented rock produces brecciated (broken) jasper which has been used for this pendant, measures 35 mm x 25 mm. Brick red in color. Wrapped in argentium wire.

Finished size is 64 mm x 29 mm. Weight 1.0 oz.