Dichroic Glass Jewelry

"Dichroic" glass displays more than one color viewed from different angles, creating a fiery iridescence. Thin layers of metallic oxides such as titanium, silicon and magnesium are deposited on the surface of the glass in a high-temperature vacuum furnace. The resulting color is determined by individual oxide compositions. Each piece is then hand made, layering multiple pieces of glass and fusing in a kiln. Special cutting techniques and multiple kiln firings are required to achieve the final piece used to create the finished jewelry item.

Because of the unique color-changing properties of dichroic glass, the look of these products is difficult to capture on film and may appear slightly different when received.

Many of the glass pieces used have been specially created by Karen Nan Varela and more of her creations can be viewed on her website Karen Nan Designs. All wire wrapping done by Michele Gregory, Creative Wire Wear.


Rainbow on White Everyday


Aventurine Green


Mauve Shimmer


Speckled Splendor