Wires Used

Sterling Silver Wire:

     All silver used is .925 silver or 925/1000 parts silver and 75/1000 parts copper. Copper is added to pure silver to increase strength and durability.

     Proper care and cleaning of your sterling silver is essential in maintaining the beauty of your jewelry item. Store in a small cotton filled box or ziplock bag to help minimize tarnishing and avoid pulling or mis-shaping of wires. A piece of regular chalk placed with your stored jewelry items will also reduce tarnishing. Tarnish is caused by the interaction of the silver with sulfides in the air and contact with common tarnishing agents such as wood, latex, wool, rubber bands, some paints and certain foods. Oils on the skin help minimize tarnishing in jewelry pieces worn frequently. To remove tarnish from sterling silver OR copper wire, soak for 10 - 20 minutes in a bowl with aluminum foil, hot water (not boiling, you should be able to put your fingers into the water without pain) and equal parts baking soda and non-iodized salt. After soaking, cleanse using a soft toothbrush and mild, liquid dish soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly, removing moisture which would promote the reappearance of tarnish.

     A Sunshine Polishing Cloth may also be used to clean and polish all your jewelry items. This is a non-toxic cloth that combines no-scratch micro particles and chemical cleaners, use whenever the silver begins to appear dull. To avoid removing the antiquing finish which has been added to many of the jewelry items found on this website, use only a Sunshine Polishing Cloth.

Argentium Sterling Silver Wire:

     Like sterling silver, argentium is .925 silver or 925/1000 parts silver. Traditional sterling uses .075 copper. Argentium sterling silver is a trademarked and patented alloy that uses a combination of copper and germanium to make up the remaining .075. Argentium sterling silver is highly tarnish resistant and increases its tarnish resistance over time.

     Argentium sterling silver requires minimal maintenance. An occasional wash and rinse and/or wipe with a soft cotton cloth is all that is needed to keep your jewelry items in pristine condition.

     Ideal for the use in creation of all jewelry items and due to it's tarnish resistant nature, argentium sterling silver is gradually replacing traditional sterling silver in all items found here.

14kt Rolled Gold Wire:

     14kt rolled gold, also referred to as gold filled wire, is created by taking a sheet of 14kt gold alloy and bonding it through extreme heat and pressure to a core of semi-precious, gold colored metal.... brass. This is not the same as gold plating, a chemical process, which creates a thin layer of gold only a few molecules thick that can easily be scratched or rubbed off. There is 100 times more gold in rolled gold wire than in gold plate. Rolled gold wire is sold by the kt content of the gold used and the percent thickness of the gold alloy. The rolled gold wire used in creating all jewelry items here is 14/20 rolled gold, the gold content is 14kt gold alloy and the thickness is 1/20th or 5%. This wire will stand up to wear and tear and will actually be stronger than solid gold. All wearable art sold here is usually considered a lifetime piece of jewelry.

     Cleanse your rolled gold jewelry items using a soft toothbrush with mild, liquid dish soap then rinse and dry thoroughly. You may also use a Sunshine Polishing Cloth. Store in a small cotton filled box to avoid pulling or mis-shaping of wires. A piece of regular chalk placed with your rolled gold jewelry items will also help to reduce the orange tarnished look which can sometimes occur.